Dr. Linda Sparks received her bachelor's degree from University of Miami, Florida.  She graduated with honors from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona.

Since she was 8 years old, and her mom suffered from health issues, she has had a desire to help people achieve their highest state of health. She is so happy to be able to realize this dream through the wonders of Naturopathic Medicine.

She looks at the entire picture and supports patients in finding the path to health that best suits them. She loves hiking in the mountains and is grateful to call Western North Carolina her home.


about Dr. Sparks

Licensed ND's are schooled in basic sciences: Anatomy, Gross Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Immunology, Embryology, Microbiology, Pathology and Clinical Diagnosis.

Licensed ND's are trained in modalities including: Pharmacology*, Minor Surgery*, Gynecology*, Phlebotomy*, IV Therapy*, Men’s Health, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Clinical Nutrition, Mind-Body Therapy including Holistic Counseling, Hydrotherapy,  Environmental Medicine, Acupuncture,* Physical Manipulation* (Chiropractic) and Obstetrics/Midwifery*

Licensed ND's have over 1500 hours of supervised clinical training.​​

* ND's are not able to use these modalities in unlicensed states

education & training

*While Dr. Sparks has been trained to be a primary care physician; the state of North Carolina does NOT yet license Naturopathic Doctors. Therefore, she is NOT able to serve as a primary care doctor in this state. She does NOT perform surgery, draw blood, prescribe medications, or diagnose conditions.

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education.

naturopathic prinicples

If the organs of elimination are not working properly your toxic burden builds up and you begin to feel symptoms.  If these symptoms persist or if you suppress them this will eventually lead to chronic disease.  We work to restore the physiology and biochemistry so the body can work on healing itself!

         office phone: 828-539-0440                                email: drsparks@blueridgenaturalhealth.com

  • ​​​There are only 6 accredited Naturopathic Medical Schools in the U.S. and 2 in Canada. Bastyr Seattle and San Diego, SCNM, NCNM, Bridgeport, NUHS, CCNM and Boucher.

  • Licensed ND's  sit for Part 1 and Part 2 Board Exams.
  • ND’s are licensed in 21 states. Canada and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 6 states are pending licensure including North Carolina. If you want the right to Naturopathic Healthcare check out ourNC State Association page and get involved!
  • North Carolina currently does not license Naturopathic Doctors so Dr. Sparks' carries a license from the state of Vermont.​

First, Do No Harm: Naturopathic doctors utilize modalities that are non-invasive, and rarely have harmful side effects.  

The body has the inherent power to heal: Every person has an incredibly powerful ability to self heal if given the proper support.  

Identify and treat the cause: In order to help a person become fully well, the root cause of illness must be discovered and addressed. 

Treat the whole person: Each individual has a unique makeup, of body, mind and spirit. Dr. Sparks will consider the totality of your individual symptoms in putting together a specifically tailored protocol for you! 

The physician is a teacher: Empowerment is key! I will give you the tools to be healthy and spend time answering your questions so that you leave prepared to take your health into your own hands! 

Prevention in the best cure: By being proactive in your health care you are preventing chronic disease and ultimately saving time and money so that you can live a longer and happier life!​​